Civil law

  • Mortgage foreclosure.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Labor contracts.
  • Evictions.
  • Exchange market (bills of exchange, paychecks, promissory notes).
  • Restraining orders (new construction, ruinous construction).
  • Domain usage declaration.
  • Division of communal properties.
  • Foreclosures.
  • Judicial remedies.
  • Rights of way.
  • Land demarcations.

Inheritance is particularly complex, specially when having properties outside the UK.Due to our experience  ALONSO & GARRIDO LAWYERS can be your legal support in inheritance issuess that concern foreing citizens in Spain who own properties in Spain/Canary islands.

Our experienced and multilingual  inheritance department is constantly working with inheritances regarding british and spanish properties, counselling and working in collaboration with other law offices in the UK. Furthermore, we spread our services to issues regarding compulsory or legitimate heirs, inheritances with spanish properties and convergence of international and private laws.

  1. Wills draftings, processing and management of inheritance for british lawyers.
  2. We are experts in inheritances regarding properties in Spain, UK and other european countries.
  3. Juridical advices and guidance on any aspect regarding wills draftings .
  4. Wills signing in UK or Spain.
  5. Property inheritance in UK or Spain.
  6. Request for spanish wills.
  7. Advise and guidance regarding spanish or british inheritance laws .

We can assist you with the financial assesment of your spanish properties for use in the UK and request the legal documents: Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration  for use in Spain.

Our inheritance deparment is an expert in the area of inheritances management with properties in UK, Spain and other european countries. We can write legal wills in your nam, always bearing in ming where are located testaror´s properties and the specific laws that could apply in your case .

We are qualified to train trustees, and advise on taxes and inheritance duties, covering spanish jurisdiction as well as british jurisdiction.