Real Estate and Registration Law

  • Real Estate and Registration Law, Construction Law.
  • Buying, selling, renting real states.
  • Complaint management to building/development companies.
  • Urban planning.
  • Real states legalizations.
  • Mortgage and finantial advice for private individuals or institutional shareholders.
  • Damages claims, bank sureties.

Continuous and independent consulting in all types of cases related to real state both individuals and companies, in purchase-sale transactions as well as building and real state development.

Our experience guarantees us both in the private or business sector, especially in the case of non-residents. Our team of experts is always assisted by good administrators who will study in detail the whole process.

Each sales contract is analysed to see if the property complies with the urban norms and what loads or limitations has or could have.

For those customers who buy off plan we ensure that the payment schedule is fulfilled.